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I am a master of the old style of Feng Shui. I watch the Chi. I feel it in my body.

I manipulate spaces intuitively to harmonize our dwellings, creating a link between Heaven & Earth, and us. When the manipulation - rearranging the space - has reached the highest frequency possible, I can feel it in my body. A stillness comes over me.


Each one of us has the possibility to become anything we desire. And we have unconsciously encoded our energy field with a belief system, synchronizing our minds, bodies and environments, as if they are locked in agreement.

Feng Shui Medicine has access to the mind and body while intuitively manipulating the environment. When reading the space in a home or business, I am reading who the person is and the possibility for the fulfillment of their life's desires. Everything in the space — form and formless — contains a message about one's beliefs - joys, doubts, fears and desires.  

When limiting subconscious messages have been removed from the environment and messages of health, love and self-empowerment have been implemented, the space is elevated to a frequency that is more expansive than the mind and body. The mind and body respond to the space by gently shifting to the new frequency, as if old beliefs are melting away. The space becomes causal to a shift in attitude and new possibilities arise.  This is the essence of what I came to discover and how and why I practice Feng Shui.


My training did not arise from book learning or schools.  Life is my school.  My training began to blossom in 1963, out of my effort to create spaces of love, radiance and power that would affect the lives of my children.  They were my initial guides.

In 1983, after reading the Chi in spaces for 20 years, an owner of a bookstore gave me my first book on Feng Shui: Feng Shui: The Chinese Art Of Placement, by Sarah Rossbach. While devouring it, I realized I was already naturally doing (and innately understanding) this ancient art of Feng Shui.

Throughout the many years of practicing this art, I have watched lives change - hearts healed, careers changed, wealth blossomed. Parents and children healed their relationships, life partners finally met each other, some gave up alcohol, some stopped wanting to commit suicide. 

I felt that I was in the midst of a miracle — that the wonder of true medicine in the art of Feng Shui had been shown to me intuitively, and I didn’t fully understand it.  

In 2000, while leaving a home in the Village of Shorewood, I realized I had no idea why Feng Shui worked, but that indeed it did. I asked myself, “Why does this work?  What is the causality here: change the space - change the mind - change the trajectory of a Life?” 

In that moment I realized - Mind is the cause of Everything, and the pathway to changing the mind could simply be in intuitively rearranging the environment.

I came to see that I intuitively understood something rare and precious.  Intuition flowed ceaselessly and I was clear that I was participating in the unfolding of lives.  I sensed it was equally egoic to claim I was something that I was not, as to deny the gift I was given. I was clear that I knew that I knew, and that the key to knowing is in not-knowing, that living in this paradox was Mastership.


Similarly, in 1977, I moved into teaching piano after taking lessons from the time I was 6 and discovering that music was to be played for the joy -Chi- of it, not the replication of a perfect idea. Music, like Feng Shui, was about the manipulation of Chi in every note; subtle changes in touch affected my Chi. I taught students the art of zen, the art of becoming quiet and feeling the presence in the tip of their finger. I found that anger could be released and personal power could be expressed through music, and the resistance to loving and being loved could be healed with the zen of playing. Teaching piano was the same as Feng Shui. Everything we do is for uplifting Chi in ourselves, which is everyone's lifelong endeavor.


The gift of intuitively feeling the perfect solution or cure in any space requires becoming empty. In other words, knowing nothing became the key to intuiting the perfect cure in harmonizing all spaces. Knowing nothing requires the release of all ideas, all presumptions, all fear of doing it wrong, all pride in doing it right and even the release of any desire to be helpful.  I found that all thought was a projection of my own mind.  Only when I learned to interject nothing into the space would the perfect cure or solution arise. It is similar to disappearing.


My first apprentice was my daughter, Jeanette.  After exploring several artistic vocations she realized she wanted to practice Feng Shui and interviewed schools in New York. On Christmas she came home and asked, “May I go on your Feng Shui jobs with you?”  She accompanied me on three jobs and found to her amazement that transformation could happen in just a couple of hours. Later she called to request, “May I come home to Study with you?”  At that moment I knew I had no rules to give her, and I could feel that by watching she would come to See What I Saw. She accepted me as her Teacher.

Jeanette was my first apprentice, studying for 18 months, when I saw that she was watching the flow of Chi.  In a way she was always my apprentice because she was always my daughter.  Today Jeanette practices Feng Shui in the Berkshires and the New York area.  After her apprenticeship I became a school, teaching each new apprentice one-on-one until I knew that they could See. There have been four dedicated apprentices; the links to their sites are below. 


For those devoted to discovering the true medicine in Feng Shui, please consider a contemplative reading of my site 9 times. When you can look at a photo and feel the shifts in your body, you are welcome to contact me for further study.

Jeanette MaguireFeng Shui Expert, Designer, Colorist
Massachusetts, New York area

Linda Mundt, Feng Shui Practitioner
Florida, Wisconsin and U.S.

Jane Antonovich, Feng Shui Practitioner, Expert Organizer
Wisconsin, Iowa, Colorado

Julie Tatar, Feng Shui Practitioner, Designer and Colorist
Kentucky and U.S.