I live in Madison, Wisconsin and am available throughout the United States for consultations on your home or business. David Yankovich, my husband, accompanies me on most consultations. He understands construction and stone work. We are a seamless team rearranging furniture and wall art, which often happens on an initial consultation.

Feng Shui is a process that evolves over time. Your initial Feng Shui consultation is intended for the whole family, including children or your staff — where I give a personalized explanation of Feng Shui and an information packet. My intention is that everyone has an understanding of what is possible for them personally with Feng Shui design and that I hear the personal desires of each one - what would they want if they could have anything?  

At the end of this conversation, we proceed to walk through the entire space, “hands-on" rearranging each area for better Chi flow — an uplifting experience for everyone!  This initial consultation may take 3-5 hours. When we are finished, the clients feel a palpable change in their space and their personal energy.  

We will communicate by email regarding any questions.  Future consultations build on this initial work until the client reaches the level of Chi they intuitively knew was possible.  Together we will have opened the door; as clients become aware of personal changes in their lives, they open to even more possibilities and the process continues. I have worked with many clients on the same home for several years, and then they decide to move to the house of their dreams and begin again. I always say, “The Better It Gets, The Better It Gets!”.

A consultation may include:

  • Inspection of the flow of Chi before purchasing a New Home

  • Review of Architectural Plans for maximum Chi flow

  • Whole Home inspection to maximize the Chi flow

  • Enhancing the Bagua

  • Balancing the Elements

  • Furniture Rearrangement

  • Kitchen/Bath Design

  • Color Design

  • Interior Design

  • Lighting Design

  • Arranging/Curating Wall Art

  • Selecting New Furniture

  • Designing Custom Furniture

  • Purchasing “To The Trade" Items

  • Exterior Colors to maximize the flow of Chi in your neighborhood

  • Hardscape and Landscape Design to enhance your Bagua