Feng Shui is a mysterious and highly intuitive art. 

Feng Shui is the art of observation, with all of one's senses, and intuitive manipulation of all things within one’s personal or professional space, to create a flow of Chi (the Chinese word for energy).  

At its best, Feng Shui allows one’s space to be a cause for wholeness.  Great design is not always good Feng Shui, however good Feng Shui is always great design.

Feng Shui is True Medicine.

Feng Shui is traditionally named the highest form of medicine in all Chinese healing arts.  It is an answer for those in search of well-being.  

Greater inner peace, greater abundance  and improved loving relationships arise naturally when the vibrational frequency of one’s space is greater than that of one’s personal vibrational frequency.  

When the space is balanced (not too high-not too low, not too fast-not too slow, not too light-not too dark) (similar to a chiropractic alignment) and the chi is lifted (stretched beyond the imagination of the client) and all things are arranged to create a harmonious flow (items seem to be in love with each other), then your space causes an inner-spark, seemingly deleting your subconscious self-defeating messages.  

How can this be?  — When your space sings a clearer tone than you have been singing (the subconscious messages running constantly through your mind), your space becomes a cause for health, peacefulness, vitality, harmonious relationships, creativity, abundance, a clear voice and self-love.  

Your space is transformed into a sanctuary for your body, mind and spirit.  In other words, your space becomes your medicine. Depression, stress, family tensions and even suicidal thoughts fall away when the true medicine of Feng Shui is applied.  

Who would have thought that designing with only uplifting chi in mind would cause such improvement in one’s well-being, as well as that of your animals?  Yet it does.

Your home becomes causal to the fulfillment of your life’s purpose. 

Every item you own represents a belief you have.

We are in direct relationship with every thing we own.  I mean Every Thing:  every paperclip, every dirty window, every dusty sofa, every drawer full of stuff, every storage locker, every trunk of our cars, every basement, every unwanted gift, every inherited object from our parents and grandparents.  

We energetically relate with all things that we have gathered and call our own.  Think of it!  These items are in your space, and all of them have a vibrational frequency and all are interacting with your personal vibrational frequency.  

Clean your home as though God is coming, for that is the Truth. 

Because as you are reading this, you are searching for more chi in your life.  So empower yourself before you call a Feng Shui master to manipulate the chi of your space.  

To clear your mind, or to release depression: clear out the stagnant energy from every drawer, closet, mattress and under the rugs.  Sing as you work.  Wash the dirty windows.  Throw away old clothes.  Clean out the refrigerator, the stove and the cupboards.  Clean the basement.  Clean the attic.  

This alone will lift your chi, because  your entire package ( land, house and contents) — represents your thoughts and feelings in the world of form: limitations and doubts, hopes and dreams, joys and sadnesses, health and disease, power and weaknesses.  

You are literally cleaning out the cobwebs from your own mind!  

You are the creator and the direct cause of your spaces.  Your spaces reinforce your thoughts, which in turn create results your life.

You are literally welcoming a state of higher consciousness.

Feng Shui medicine is sublimely flowing chi.  Period.

The medicine of Feng Shui comes from reading the chi in spaces and individuals, and intuitively making adjustments to lift the chi.  In truth, there is no rule book — but neither does Feng Shui medicine ignore the rules.

The traditionally taught tools of Feng Shui are simple:  they are the bagua map (an octagonal diagram superimposed over any perimeter); and the cycles of elements — both the creative cycles and destructive cycles (fire, earth, metal, water, wood).  

Feng Shui is often presented to students as the bagua being the #1 rule, the elements being the #2 rule, followed by a series of common rules most authors agree upon.  This approach to Feng Shui is not medicine, but the simplistic following of basic rules.  

Given that every individual is unique, all rules can be set aside in favor of calibrating the chi of all things and all individuals.  

Sublimely flowing chi is not achieved by hanging crystals and painting the Wealth Gua purple.  It is achieved by activating a higher vibrational frequency in the space than the vibrational frequency of the individual.  

Therefore, Feng Shui medicine is always a stretch for the client.  Sublimely flowing chi supersedes all rules and reverses the order of cause-and-effect.  

Rather than you causing your space, your space becomes the cause for the fulfillment of the goals you have set in your life.  It gently helps you to be the powerful and loving spirit that you really are.

Apprentices learn to read the chi.

The study of Feng Shui is not a quickie. It is a lifetime process of becoming still and observing the movement, chi, in all things.  

It requires deep personal transformational work, emptying oneself of useless beliefs in order to feel the chi from a still place within. Slow deep breathing is the key to inner stillness.

Intuitive insights require the practitioner to be of complete wellness.  When I accept an apprentice, they begin an arduous practice to personal wellness, releasing beliefs, ideas, expectations and judgements.  It is a process of becoming empty.  

Within a state of emptiness, the mental authority, ego, quiets down, intuition arises and the apprentice begins to feel the chi and perceive the adjustments to be made.  This is the medicine.

Feng Shui Medicine feels right, down to the bones.

When all is said and done, when a space has been completed, Feng Shui medicine just feels right.  

It feels like a deep breath, like an opening of the Heart, an expansion of the chest, a quieting of the mind.  It feels both strong and light.  It feels like the peaceful relief of a quiet mind.  

If all of us are really in search of the same thing - relationship with ourselves, each other and the world at large, then Feng Shui is for everyone, because uplifting chi is for everyone who is ready to expand into their Life.

Feng Shui is a joyful path to healed and loving relationships with all things. 

Jackie Patricia